HDRI-Studio files can easily be used for animations and motion graphics.

Below are some excellent examples from
The top four animations all use the HDRI-Studio file N012 and the remaining ones
use N020 in 3Ds Max.
Mercedes and Devil's Drug rendered with VRAY, Cadillac rendered with Brazil.

HDRI-Studio files have given me a great and clean environment reflection setup without the hassle of building one to create the right mood for these projects, they're subtle and elegant, just the way I like it.

Joost Korngold

Title: Renault
Media: Cinema, Web
Client: Renault
Commissioned by: Creative Syndicate
Misc: A rare occasion where I was allowed to animate the Renault diamond for this movie-esque Twingo campaign.

Credits: Audio by Creative Syndicate

QT 5mb Launch movie

odyssey in rome
Title: Odyssey in Rome
Media: DVD
Client: Filmmakers Entertainment
Commissioned by: Filmmakers Entertainment
Misc: Main titles for Odyssey in Rome. An ambient flow of cut film, typography and live footage setting a moody tone for this documentary following the hectic life of filmmaker Abel Ferrara in realizing his film Mary.
Credits: Audio by Unkle
Live footage provided by: Filmmakers Entertainment

QT 40mb Launch movie

Title: Sokol - Ovip Lokos (Directors cut)
Media: Broadcast
Client: EFES
Produced by: Park Production
Agency: Rore
Misc: Commissioned to design, direct and animate this TV spot celebrating the birth of Sokol's new bottle design and label.

Credits: Audio by Combustion

QT 43mb Launch movie

Title: SyncTV
Media: Various HD
Client: Pioneer
Commissioned by: Pioneer
Misc: Commisioned directly by Pioneer I was asked to create the logo animation for SyncTV which allows unlimited downloads of TV shows in full HD.

Credits: Audio by DOSC

QT 12mb Launch movie

Title: Mercedes - GL countdown (Director Version)
Media: HD Projection
Client: Mercedes
Commissioned by: Parasol Island
Misc: Countdown animation created for the opening of the Mercedes GL Class launch presentation in Detroit.

Credits: Audio by DOSC

QT 5mb Launch movie

Title: Cadillac
Media: Broadcast
Client: Cadillac
Commissioned by: Logan
Misc: Cadillac logo assembly.

Credits: Audio by DOSC

QT 2mb Launch movie

devils drug
Title: Devil's Drug - Main Title
Media: CinemaDevil's Drug - Main Title
Client: Suspicious Packaging
Misc: Main Title sequence for Devil's Drug.
A Docu/Horror Written and Directed by Sean Thibodeau about todays drug abuse effecting all levels of society, with the emphasis on Crystal Meth usage in America. "The Perfect Drug for todays fast paced life".

Credits: Narrated by Sean Thibodeau
Music and sound FX by DOSC

QT 16mb Launch movie


Below is the work of Douglas Bowker, Senior Animator at Animation Technologies

All 3D rendering made use of HDRI-Studio files (with VRAY and 3DSMAX), which gave exactly the realistic and polished look I and the client was looking for. In my opinion it was a vital component to the final animations.
Douglas Bowker
airflow 1
airflow 5
QT 7.5mb Launch movie
The client for this project was Mechanology, Inc., a Massachusetts technology company that has developed a unique and patented air compression technology. Primary uses for this compressor would be in conjunction with automotive fuel-cells among other applications.

The presentation was a marketing and technology tutorial that has been shown both here in the US and in Europe.

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